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Un-limited quantity of files
in one control

We want to attach un-limited quantity of files (folders with files) to form by one control <input type=file>, therefore textual input field in control loses any sense - it's necessary to remove it and to leave only button. Sometimes it's necessary, that tree of file system was showed not in a separate window, but inside a document. I offer to add attribute look into tag <input type=file>. Attribute can accept two values: button (default value) and tree.

<input type=file look=button>,
<input type=file>

<input type=file look=tree>

If user attach directories with sub-directories and files, then they are coded in the following way at sending (browser itself assign arbitrary, but different values into attribute id):

<folder     name="a">
  <folder   name="b"/>
  <folder   name="c">
    <folder name="d"/>
<a name="azzzk" mass="uniqueId1">
<b name="zzzf"  mass="uniqueId2">
<c name="yyyyy" mass="uniqueId3">
<?file attr="mass" value="uniqueId1" xml:size= >...</file>
<?file attr="mass" value="uniqueId2" xml:size= >...</file>
<?file attr="mass" value="uniqueId3" xml:size= >...</file>

Dmitry Turin

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