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Initiative of server

Browser sends saments to server about changes, which have occurred in a document. It's reasonable to make interaction symmetric: server sends saments to browser to make some changes. This monitoring-in-browser does not require to write on JS, unlike way, stated in HTML 5. Whole list of saments, which server can sends to browser, is given in separete document. Saments <<>> and <> are also possible.

Presence of the following html-element in document's header means, that this document can be updated by self-activated process on server and have identifier 785 in that process

 <meta name=register content=785>
If browser send similar sament to server (of course, browser's window send indentified of itself with this sament)
<meta name=register content=785>
then server will sends saments to change styles of objects and place of nodes of broken line. If user kills a program-browser or loads other document into it, then browser notifies process, that it's not necessary to send saments for changing styles and places of nodes, and sends the following sament to service.
<meta name=break content=785>

Dmitry Turin

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