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Structure of html-document

Superfluous attributes

Attributes src, action, data, href have sense as address, i.e. designate the same. So i offer to use single name (for example, src) in all cases, and withdraw names action, data, href. To replace whole tag by a file (<img src= >) or to inform, where to take a file (<a href= >), depends of tag (instead of attribute).

<img    src= >
<a      src= >
<form   src= >
<object src= classid= >

Superfluous tags

It's possible to use one tag instead of tags img (object) and link, applicability of this one tag will depends of whether it inside tag body or outside. I offer to use tag link in all cases for unification (as the most semantically neutral). According to that, its attribute type should be specified, when tag is outside body, and un-specified, when tag is inside.

Besides that, let's allow to use tag link any time, when it's necessary to insert one html-document into other.

  <link    type="text/css" href="./a.txt">
  <link                    src="./a.jpg" >
  <link  classid=          data=         >
  <link                    src="./a.htm" >

Besides this, i propose to interpret of SVG's a, tspan, tref as identical to HTML's a, span, object.

Dmitry Turin

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