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We improve behaviour of browser

Anchors to inside and outside of site

Let's give new requirement to a browser: let three following kinds of html-anchors differ visually and on hearing

Let all three kinds of anchors are decorated with underlining

Any new are not need properties to distinguish these three kinds of anchors: distinguishing of them is task of browser, but not of user, creating document.

Sending of only changed controls

Let conrols are sent to server only in case, if they differ from values, which they have at once after loading of document. For example, textbox <input type=text value=from_database> can have initial values from database, and there are maybe very much such fields. Changed values are also entered into database - don't complicate logic of accepting script on query language.

Correct display of indexes

It's known, that an indexes can have indexes, for example

Ti3 22r
But this can not be drawn by html, since letter can not to lower on a sublinear level under sublinear level, browser draw so: Ti3. I offer to interpret construction like below in new way, described above.
<sub>i <sub>3</sub> </sub>
<super>2 <super>r</super> </super>

It's known, that when variable has two indexes on the right (or two indexes at the left)

then they are written down one under another, but browser draws Tij When there is one sublinear-superlinear tag after another
browser does not go to the right.


Tags up and down placing its contents above and below previous word or html-element, are also necessary, except tags sub and super.

Displaying of mathematical symbols

There exist way to write the mathematical formulas, which is more simply, than MathML. Some mathematical symbols should not be displayed in a line, but be used for construction of a formula. It is symbol "/", existing in all codings, and they are symbols "" and "" (complex conjugation). Thus expression "(a+b+c)/(d+e)" should be displayed as , expression "a(b+c)" - as , expression "(a+b)" - as .

Idea is to bury MathML as too difficult way.

Stretching brackets

Let if there is transition to new line at once after an opening bracket, then such bracket should be stretched to size of contents.

a b
c d
 <polyline points= /> ]<sub>3</sub>
 <path d= />          ]<sub>3</sub>
<polyline id="ch" points= />
  <path d= >
    <pack host="ch" dot="4" ptr="20">
<path d= id="ch" />
  <polyline points= >
    <pack host="ch" dot="4" ptr="20">


Single purpose of emphasizing a text in any program is to press a keys "Ctrl-C" ("Ctrl-Ins") after that. I offer to change behaviour of a programs, in particular of a browser: emphasized text (keyboard or mouse keys are released) is copied in a clipboard automatically.

Thus combinations of keys "Ctrl-C" and "Ctrl-Ins" are not functional now.

Switching a focus of input by a user into such window in operational system, in which there is earlier inserted text, means automatic repeated copying of inserted text of this window into a clipboard.

Mask in string of address

Let it will be possible to use signs "*,?" in string of address of browser, and let they will designate the same, as in command string in OS. Browser generate html-document, in which it list all suitable, but already visitted addresses.


up, down

Dmitry Turin

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